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Looking for a guide on how to keep your skateboard in good condition? This article will show you how it is done so that your beloved gear can last you a long time!

Skateboards are robust, but they endure a lot of abuse from riding and doing stunts. Without the correct upkeep, they may deteriorate and become dangerous to use.

You will need to maintain all the parts of the board regularly to keep your gear operating at peak efficiency. Ready to learn how to prolong your skateboard’s service life? With no further ado, let’s jump right into it!

How can I make my skateboard last longer?

Learn The Basic Riding Skills

Beginners’ skateboards tend to have a shorter shelf life, which is easy to understand since the less-experienced riders crash quite often. Due to your lack of experience, you can cause harm to your equipment or even yourself.

Thus, before jumping into the complicated stunts and tricks, learn the basics first to get hold of your gear. Once you are familiar with the board and have it under control, you can save it from potential unnecessary damage.

Select Your Skateboard Deck Carefully

Select Your Skateboard Deck Carefully

There are many factors to consider while choosing a skateboard deck. A common mistake of beginners when making decisions is that they tend to focus on the quality and the design.

A high-quality deck will indeed last longer, but that is not the case if it does not suit your weight. Your board will not benefit from too-heavy loads. It will eventually wear off and crack after a while of use.

Get Yourself A Proper Pair Of Skateboard Shoes

There is a common assumption that any shoes can be used to ride a skateboard. In reality, this can’t stray further from the truth. Skateboarding requires specialized footwear to enhance the skater’s performance and save the board from wear and tear.

Your skateboard decks will ultimately get scratched and worn out from wearing the wrong shoes. A decent pair of shoes will protect your board and keep you safe. It will improve your grip and board feel, cushion your steps, and you will be less likely to be hurt.


Make Your Skate Shoes Last Longer

Ride On Smooth Surfaces

Riding on bumpy trails and hard terrain will significantly impact your decks, trucks, bearings, and wheels. These poor skating techniques will wreak havoc on your skateboard, so it is preferable to do your tricks on flat and dry surfaces in skate parks first.

Besides, skateboarding on smooth surfaces will reduce the chance of damaging your gear and getting injured. Suppose your wheels are on the soft side; riding on uneven pavements with pebbles and fractures will quickly harm them.

Riding on rough roads is also terrible for your bearings as dirt, sand, and other grime seep into the bearings. Your bearings will experience increased friction over time, which will cause your wheels to stop rotating gradually.

Keep It Dry And Safe

Moisture destroys the deck, bolts, trucks, and bearings. Avoid leaving your skateboard on the floor and store it somewhere dry, and cool, but not too chilly. You might want to find yourself a skateboard rack to keep your gear safe and dry.

Do not skate while raining or on wet surfaces since it can ruin the bearings. Your bearings’ internal components will begin to oxidize, and once it happens, they will not be able to stop. As a result, you will have to replace them with new ones. Suppose you have to ride in the rain; ensure you wipe it dry with a clean towel.

Another thing is never to leave your board outdoors. Not only will it be exposed to harsh weather, but it also is at risk of getting stolen.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme hot or cold temperatures will wear your skateboard down sooner. Heat radiation from a hot day will also cause your board’s metal components to stretch. Avoid storing your board in hot, humid conditions, as doing so will significantly reduce its longevity.

When you step on your board, squeaking sounds may indicate that it is dried out. Placing candle wax or soap shavings into the pivot cup will quickly fix the issue. In case this method does not help, you might need a new skateboard.

Check Your Skateboard Regularly

It is crucial to check your skateboard regularly, especially when you ride or do tricks and stunts often. Carefully inspecting every component, including the bearings, wheels, and trucks will help you identify a problem as soon as possible. This way, you can avoid small issues growing into larger ones.

Verify the tightness of the nuts and bolts holding the truck to the deck. When they protrude slightly, you run the danger of damaging them or perhaps harming your shoes. Additionally, inspect the nuts on the wheels and kingpin.

Use Right Tools

Use Right Tools

If you try to remove the parts such as bearings with the wrong tools, you will risk breaking little pieces of the board. Damaged bearings might also harm the wheels of your skateboard, which will reduce your overall performance.

Every tool has its purpose. So, use it correctly every time you detach and reassemble your skateboard’s parts. This way, you will avoid any unwanted accidents while maintaining your board.

Mending Chips And Razor Tails – Sand Your Deck’s Edges When They Are Splintering

To put off buying a new deck, you can fix certain damage like razor tails and chipped decks. You may reattach split or chipped layers using special glue and clamps and leave the glue to dry. This is just a stop-gap; if you try to fix it on the same spot once more, the chipped wood piece will likely come off.

For razor tails, use some equipment to sand down the tail, but doing so will reduce the pop of the deck slightly. Still, it is a temporary fix; your skateboard can hold up for another week or two, and you should start saving money for a new deck.

Replace Wear-Out Bushings

Bushings deteriorate over time. They will begin to deform and lose their usefulness if you lean on your deck or steer.

how to tighten the trucks on a skateboard

Regularly check the bushings for wear indicators like crumbling, squishing, or cracks. If you notice any damage, remove the bolts and nuts holding them to your trucks and replace them with new ones.

Maintain your bearings

Oiling your gear every now and then is an important step in keeping it in great condition. Bearings may become clogged with dust and grit over time, slowing the wheels and harming the bearings. By lubricating the bearings of your skateboard, you can maintain the speed and smoothness of the wheels.


How Often Should I Clean Skateboard Bearings?

Your bearings will eventually become contaminated with dirt and dust after a while of use. Therefore, it is crucial to wipe them out periodically. Washing them every three or six months is recommended depending on how frequently you skate.

The bearing cleaning process is quite simple if you own open bearings; just shake them to make the dirt come out and soak them in nail polish remover or alcohol for around an hour. After that, dry the bearings with a clean towel.

Provided that you own closed bearings; remember to take the shield off before using nail polish. You can utilize a flathead screwdriver or a razor blade to remove the shield, then use the same method above to clean the bearings.

Do I Need To Oil My Skateboard?

The answer is yes. As mentioned above, please clean and make sure they are thoroughly dry before applying silicone lubricant or Bones speed cream.
Apply a few drops of oil in the gaps between the bearings. With your finger, gently twirl the ball bearings to distribute the grease.

Does Grip Tape Wear Out?

Yes. The repeated rubbing of grip tape’s surface against your shoes causes it to deteriorate over time, gradually flattening the grain. As your grip tape wears out, tricks will get trickier and less precise.

The good news is that you do not need to buy a new deck right now, so do not freak out. You can replace the old grip tape with a brand-new one, and you are good to go.
Still, taking good care of your grip tape can prolong its lifespan. Always check your shoes before skating to ensure they are clear of debris. Should your grip tape get soiled, you can use a house cleaning brush to clean your board gently.

Is It Bad To Leave A Skateboard In A Hot Car?

The short answer is yes. Extreme heat can negatively affect your skateboard. Your board may distort or warp if you leave it in a hot car. When the board begins to deform due to variations in humidity and temperature, the plies begin to twist. A small extent of bending is typical and usually undetectable on a board.

However, if the situation worsens, it may alter how the board flips and give it a strange sensation. In case you have no other choice than to leave your board in the car, put it in the trunk; the temperature there will be a tad lower.

Can Skateboards Last Forever?

Unfortunately, skateboards can’t last forever, even if you take care of them to the max. It will wear out at some point; then, you will have to get yourself a new companion in your skateboarding journey.

However, your chances of having skateboards with a longer useful life increase as you become more committed to keeping them properly. Keep your eyes on the state of your gear since you can decide whether it is necessary to replace individual components.

How Often Should I Get A New Skateboard?

It depends on your skating style and frequency. Your deck will last much longer if you skate on a little ramp than it would have when you do it on the street. Let’s say your skateboard has snapped or has a cracked nose or tail; your only option is to get new equipment.

It is hard to give the exact time for replacing your skateboard since everyone’s riding frequency is different. In this case, our best answer is that you should get a new gear once the old one does not serve you well anymore.

How Many Years Does A Skateboard Last?

Various factors influence the longevity of a typical skateboard. A skateboard typically lasts between one and two years. Some skateboarders were only able to utilize their boards for five months, while others could keep them in use for a few years.

Still, one of the main factors is the quality. Your skateboard’s quality significantly impacts how long it will endure. A product’s likelihood of lasting longer increases with quality.

Besides, how users treat and utilize their gear also affects its lifespan. Without a doubt, your skateboard will survive longer if you only use it for transportation purposes. In this case, it may serve you for up to four years. On the other hand, the board will have a shorter life expectancy when it is in the hands of riders doing many tricks and stunts.


So there you have the answer for how to keep your skateboard in good condition. As you can see, a skateboard’s lifespan depends on many factors.
This article discusses how long skateboards survive and offers helpful advice on how to increase the service life of your skateboard. Keep in mind that the usage and quality matter in keeping your gear’s efficiency, but so is the way you care for it.
Hopefully, you now know how to take care of your equipment after reading our detailed guide. Do your best, and your beloved skateboard will stand the test of time and continue to be your companion for quite a while.

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