Penny Board vs Nickel Board: Which is Better? Things Know

You must have read a lot of comparisons between the various skateboard types, such as Penny Board vs Longboard or Penny Board vs Cruiser board. However, one other skateboard type that shouldn’t be left out in your comparison; is the nickel board.

The nickel board is relatively small compared to other bigger skateboard types. However, it’s pretty much larger than a penny board. Suppose you have no idea of what and how a nickel board operates. Then today is your lucky day, as this article will explain in detail what a nickel board is and how it differs from a penny board. Read on!

What Is a Penny Board?

The original penny board is a miniature version of the skateboard with a deck size of 22 inches. This plastic-made skateboard can also extend to 36 inches, but these kinds are referred to as the longboard penny board.   

However, Penny shortboard as a skateboard brand refers to boards with a concave shape, upward-curving tail, and waffle-like top surface. This surface texture provides its riders a firm grip on the deck, more reason why most skaters can comfortably ride a penny board barefoot. Because it’s made from plastic, it’s usually lightweight and handy.

Penny Board
Penny Board

Penny boards are suitable for children skaters just beginning their skateboarding experience. Also, teen skaters can ride a penny board, provided they have minor to moderate foot size. Additionally, their compact size allows the skater to maneuver tight corners and places with them easily. 

Penny boards might not be your first choice if you’re a heavy or tall skater as the small deck size doesn’t offer riders with big foot comfortability. You might also experience some difficulties trying out some cool tricks with this small-sized board, except you’re a professional skater. 

Surprisingly, even though penny boards are not comfortable for long-distance rides and performing tricks, it’s still popular among college students. This could be because these boards are inexpensive; thus, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a high-quality brand. Also, it’s handy and compact and can easily fit into their college lockers or bag packs. 

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s lightweight and handy
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Allows for easy flexibility 
  • It’s compact-sized and can be stored easily
  • Allows for barefoot skating
  • Penny boards are not usually durable
  • They’re not stable and can’t withstand heavyweight skaters
  • Not suitable for long-distance rides

What Is A Nickel Board?

It’s common to hear people refer to a nickel board as a penny board, probably because there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two boards. Nickel boards, also called penny nickel boards, are an extended version of penny boards with an additional deck size of 5 inches to that of the penny board.

The difference in length and width is the main difference between these two boards. Nickel boards measure 27 inches and extend wider than a penny board with 1.5 inches. Nickel boards are also made from high-quality plastic, which makes them handy and compact. 

Nickel Board
Nickel Board

Additionally, because they’re a little bit longer and wider, they can be used comfortably by skaters with long feet. The extra length offers skaters more deck space to stand comfortably and stable during lengthy rides. They’re also the best choice for skating in hilly areas. In terms of cost, Nickel boards are relatively inexpensive compared to other bigger skateboards. But they might cost a little higher than the original penny boards.

However, because they’re a bit large, you might not want to ride them in a busy or crowded space as it might be hard to maneuver them around easily. 

  • Suitable for long rides in hilly areas
  • It provides more control, comfort, and stability
  • Best choice for heavyweight skaters
  • It’s compact and handy
  • It’s more expensive than a penny board
  • It can be a bit challenging to maneuver

Penny Board vs Nickel Board: Which Should You Purchase?

Because the only real difference between these two boards’ constructions—is their size. Comparing them based just on their outward appearance is absurd. If you’re still undecided about which board to buy, you might want to look at this brief comparison of their uses.

Penny Board vs Nickel Board - Which Should You Purchase
Which Should You Purchase


If you’re a beginner skater, you will obviously desire a skateboard that you can quickly move around. Thus, it’s necessary to purchase light, compact-sized, and handy skateboards. This way, you can always practice at any place and time.

Comparing these two plastic boards, the penny boards are more compact-sized than the nickel boards. This is because penny shortboards are usually 22inches long. They can easily fit into your bag, lockers, or you can easily carry them under your arms without any feeling of discomfort. 

However, this doesn’t mean that nickel boards are heavy. Still, compared to penny boards, they’re less portable and compact.


Commuting and Cruising

You can purchase a skateboard for everyday movement around your neighborhood, traveling, or performing advanced tricks. But if your purpose for purchase is to commute and cruise around, then you will need a board that is more comfortable and stable to ride on.

Because of the extended length, nickel boards are the preferred choice when seeking a more comfortable and smooth ride around the neighborhood and long distances. Additionally, suppose you reside in hilly areas. In that case, you should purchase the nickel boards, which will offer you more stability as you ride over hills.

Although, the penny boards will offer more flexibility and maneuverability in tight places. This is especially useful if you intend to skate in busy and crowded places, where you must be careful not to crash into anyone. 



The speed of a skateboard depends on the rider’s ability and the type of board wheels. However, the stability of the rider also plays a role in how fast a rider can skate. There’s no way a skater can move at a breakneck speed if he’s always cautious about not falling or if he feels so uncomfortable on the board deck.

Thus, it’s essential to consider the comfort a skateboard offers you. In that light, nickel boards are your best bet because the extra 5 inches provide the rider enough room to stand on the deck without falling. This makes the rider skate faster. Therefore, nickel boards offer more speed than penny boards.


Performing Tricks

There is a limit to the tricks you can carry out on a penny or nickel board because they’re plastic-made. However, you can still carry simple tricks like Ollie, manual, hippie jump, etc. 

Once more, nickel boards would be the preferred choice for performing tricks because of their size. Using the 22inches penny board to try out tricks will prove a lot more challenging. However, you can go ahead if you’re up to the challenge.


Better for Beginners

Every beginner skater should look out for boards that allow them to ride comfortably, practice simple tricks, and be affordable—comparing the penny boards and the nickel boards, the latter ticks most of the boxes.

The nickel boards 27 inches in size would allow a newbie to skate comfortably for long hours. Furthermore, it would enable them to practice cool tricks that the plastic material can withstand. Nickel boards are also relatively inexpensive compared to typical skateboards or longboards.

However, if you’re not entirely new to skating, you can also decide to try out a penny board. It might take a long time to get accustomed to it, but that’s part of the skating experience.



Penny boards and nickel boards are made from the same materials, including high-quality elastic plastic. The only difference is in the size of the board. Therefore, it is expected that penny boards should be a little bit cheaper than nickel boards because of their size. But looking at the cost of the two boards, they’re relatively inexpensive boards.

However, if you’re limited on cash, you can purchase a penny board. Also, the cost of these boards might vary among brands. 

To gain more insight into their comparison, you can watch this video on Penny vs nickel boards.


What Is Better, A Penny or Nickel Board?

A nickel board is a more advanced variant of a penny board with a larger deck size. Therefore, a nickel board is your best option if you want a larger board with the same appearance and feel as the traditional penny board.

The additional 5 inches that a nickel board has provides most skaters more stability and comfort. You may also execute easy street stunts with it.

Are Penny Boards Good for Beginners?

Penny boards are generally suitable for children beginners with small feet that can comfortably fit the 22 inches deck size. Penny board’s weight and compact size enable the rider to maneuver the boards quickly. Furthermore, because the deck surface is similar to a waffle top, beginners have more grip on the deck. They can ride barefoot–which can’t be done on other skateboards.


Nickel and penny boards are generally small, cheaply produced boards made of plastic. However, compared side by side, most skaters would choose a nickel board because the 27-inch deck provides a smoother, more stable ride than the 22-inch penny boards.

Additionally, because nickel boards and penny boards are so similar, skaters who adore the classic style of a penny board but prefer a more expansive deck can buy nickel boards. However, a penny board won’t be a bad alternative if you’re looking for a board that allows for swift movement.

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