How To Know The Difference Between Skate Shoes vs Sneakers

Today, many people still wear skate shoes, and most cannot differentiate skate shoes vs sneakers. Skate shoes were introduced in the 1960s due to the challenges people experienced while skating. There was no grip tape, making it challenging to achieve traction.
As time passed, skate shoes grew in popularity, and people who knew nothing about skating started wearing skate shoes because they offered comfort. But most of these shoes have similar appearances, you can use them to perform your daily activities. However, a few things make them unique and different from each other.

This article will explore the difference between skate shoes and sneakers.


Skate Shoes Are More Durable Than Sneakers

This is arguably the main difference between sneakers and skate shoes. Due to the nature of the sports, skate shoes are designed to withstand higher impact, unlike regular sneakers, which are made for normal outdoor or indoor movement.
This is because it is common to see skaters perform tricks involving jumping down huge stuff or practicing new tricks until they master them, and we know that there is no success without failure. So, in performing these tricks, they quickly ruin their shoes. So these shoes were designed to handle this stress.
Several factors can influence the durability of a skate shoe. For example, you can link it to the materials of the shoe, which are crucial to the lifespan of a skate shoe. Most skate shoes are made of super suede or action leather.
The reason is that super suede is a type of leather made from the underside of animal skin. It is coated with polyurethane which helps improve durability by resisting impact, which can be helpful against abrasion since some skaters fall a lot while skating.
The action leather is similar to suede. It is a split grain leather that is also coated with polyurethane. It contains an inbuilt reinforced plastic toe cap that improves the shoe’s durability and aids in preventing users from fracturing their toes in case of accidents.


Skate Shoes Has More Stitches Than Regular Sneakers

This highlights another significant difference between skate shoes and regular sneakers. Before the modern technology in skate shoes, most skaters were destroying their shoes. As a result, manufacturers had to figure out how to fix this problem. So, they decided to add extra support to crucial areas.

skate shoes

You may have noticed that many skate shoes feature double or triple stitching in the kickflip zones and around the toe box. This is because these crucial areas will interact with rough material, so additional support is essential.


It Provides a Better Protection Than Regular Sneakers

If you participate in a sport like skating, you must be protected to prevent sustained injuries. Skate shoes are made to safeguard users from common problems with skateboarding. They have reinforced toe caps to increase durability and protect the user’s toes. They also have additional padding on the heels and soles to support skating.
Skate shoes are designed with larger tongues than the tongues in sneakers to help stabilize the shoes for the users because they can loosen at any time, and it would be terrifying to descend long stairs while you notice your shoes loosening off. This can lead to a severe amount of injuries or even death.
Additionally, certain skate shoes have thicker soles. These are intended for people who prefer jump tricks to most tricks, so they will be helpful when they spend time performing these jump tricks. There are also lace protectors to prevent laces from tangling in the wheels and pulling the skater off the board.
When it comes to skate shoes, you choose between a low-top, mid-top, or high-top. All are good, but it all depends on your preference.
A low-top will allow you to move around freely and will not restrict you in any way, while a mid-top offers more stability than the low-top, but it is not as big and restrictive as the high-top. A high-top, on the other hand, is restrictive due to its height and size. However, they are suitable for those associated with ankle injuries because they provide more protection around your ankle.


The Sole

The sole construction is more significant in skate shoes than in regular sneakers. If you enjoy skating, you may have observed that there are only two terms used to describe skateboarding soles: The cupsole and vulcanized sole. Each has unique advantages and disadvantages, and there is a chance that one will work better for you than the other.

cupsole vs vulcanized sole
cupsole vs vulcanized sole

A vulcanized sole has a very thin sole. It is heated to a high temperature to get the rubber outsole to join with the shoe’s upper part, providing flexibility and great board feels. This process is more durable than the standard glues, and It creates a better board feel because the rubber sole is the only thing between you and the skateboard.
However, the disadvantage of a vulcanized sole is that they lack heel support due to its flat shape. It is suitable for ground tricks but risky for descending long stairs. A cupsole is ideal for this type of trick.
A cupsole has a separate outsole sewn into a shoe’s upper part. The thickness of the shoe makes them last longer, provides more protection, and prevents injuries which is why many people prefer them to vulcanized shoes. However, it comes with a price of less board feel.
When producing cupsoles, the bottom and top parts of the shoe are two separate parts that get sewn together. This gives different companies the edge of adding extra features to the lower part of the shoe before attaching the soles. Features like airbags, heel supports, and other things are unavailable on vulcanized soles.
The major difference between the two soles is that cupsoles provide greater support and protection but less board feel, while vulcanized soles offer more board feel.

Final Thought
By going through this article, you now understand how sneakers differ from skate shoes. This can help you make better decisions if you are considering buying a new pair of skate shoes or wondering how to strengthen the lifespan of your current skate shoe.


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