Types of Skateboards: Differentiate Longboards & Shortboards

Today we have different types of skateboards made for other purposes. The two main types are longboards and shortboards. 

Knowing the different types of skateboards is essential if you want to start skating. Due to their variety, choosing a skateboard suitable for you can be confusing. This article will help you make better judgments about skateboards which will distinguish what types of skateboards are there.

What Is Skateboard?

A skateboard is a piece of wood supported by four wheels that are attached to two trucks to enable it to move. Skaters use this board as a means of transportation or to perform tricks.

Time passed, and skateboarding grew in popularity along with other aspects of sports. The shoe industry started making better shoes, and the skateboard manufacturers had to improve. This changed the skateboarding industry and led to the introduction of various skateboards and skate shoes.

The Parts of Skateboard

The Parts of Skateboard
The Parts of Skateboard

The following are some of the names and terms used to describe the parts of a skateboard.

Skateboard Deck

The deck of a skateboard is the wooden part of the board where skaters place their feet. Most of the skateboard decks are North American maple wood glued together with an adhesive under high pressure to form the board. Skaters usually attach a grip tap on the deck to ensure better traction and prevent their feet from slipping off. There are different types of decks, and they vary depending on an individual’s height, size, and preference.


The trucks are those metal T shape components underneath the board that the wheels are attached to on each side. They are protected with up to four bolts per truck and are used for modification while skating. The skateboard truck determines how easy or hard you can make turns with the skateboard.

Wheels Skateboard

The wheels are the most important parts of a skateboard because they determine your balance, speed, riding skateboard style, and comfort on the board. They are made of polyurethane, with four wheels on every skateboard and two on each truck. It comes in different dimensions and serves various purposes. 

For example, smaller wheels, which often have a diameter of 50–53mm, are best for tricks and street skateboard, while medium or average wheels, which have a diameter of 54–57mm, are good for vertical ramps and suitable for beginners. On the other hand, large wheels (58-62mm) are ideal for longboard and rough surfaces.

Types of Skateboards

Having a fantastic skateboard is necessary if you are into skateboarding or just getting started. There are different types of skateboards, and before you buy a board, you need to know how to differentiate these boards from each other because doing so will enable you to choose the one that best meets your needs. We will start by discussing the types of longboards before moving on to shortboards.

Types of Longboards

Longboards are any skateboards longer than 33 inches, including the following.

The Classic Longboard Skateboard

the classic longboard
the classic longboard skateboard

This is the standard longboard, made for long-distance cruising and skating. It has a wider deck and is more than 33 inches long. This board is suitable for beginners because it provides a larger board, making it easier to learn how to balance on a skateboard.

The Pintail

Pintail is a type of longboard that has a pointed nose and tail. With a longer wheelbase and trucks positioned closer to the front (nose) and back (tail) of the board, allowing for more riding flexibility and speed. 

The Pintail Longboards
The Pintail Longboards

One of the benefits of a pintail longboard is that its pointed shape prevents your wheels from coming in contact with the board, which is one of the downsides of most skateboards. It also simulates riding a surfboard. So, pintail is the board to choose if you seek anything similar to a surfboard.

The Twin Tip

The Twin Tip
The Twin Tip

This board is ideal for speeding and carving. Like the pintail, it comes with a unique nose and tail. They have a wider center and identical carved nose and tail, which prevents your wheels from jamming with the board. The board’s wide center provides stability and balance when at high speed. Due to its stability, the twin-tip longboard is ideal for speeding down the hills or freestyle skateboarding.

Downhill Skateboard

Downhill Longboard Skateboard

This downhill skateboard is similar to the twin-tip longboard and is made for speeding. They are very stiff and thick, which prevents the board from wobbling when you are at high speed because this could lead to an accident. Downhill longboard skateboard consists of wide, low trucks and soft wheels to control your speed when coming down the hill. It also has a rough grip tape, so you have better control when you are at high speed. 

The Fishtail

The Fishtail
The Fishtail

Fishtail longboards are pintails with the ability to make sharper turns. They have a pointed nose, but the tail is cut into a V shape; that is why it is called a fishtail. The fishtail longboards come in various sizes, and the middle part is the widest part of the board, making it more comfortable for skaters to place their feet. It is excellent for carving and speeding because of its shape.

Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Mini Cruiser Short
Mini Cruiser skateboard

There are the smallest longboards on the market, and they are also known as mini cruisers. The only benefit of these mini-skateboards is that they are lightweight and portable. However, this board is suitable for professionals because they offer very little stability due to the board’s short length.

Electric Skateboards

electric skateboard

Electric longboards have all the features of a regular board. The only difference is that you can move without using your feet because a remote control the board’s wheels and other parts. This board is helpful for those who are tired of using their feet to accelerate.


Bamboo Longboards

The bamboo longboards are popular due to their lightweight and flexibility. They are very cheap and easy to carry on board. So, if you are looking to go on a picnic and you want to take your board with you, then bamboo longboards are the best for this kind of trip.

Types of Shortboards

There are various types of shortboard skateboards. So, it’s important to get the proper shortboard if you prefer them to longboards. Some of them include:

Cruiser Skateboards

Cruiser skateboards are the best option for you if you are looking for a board as a means of transportation. These boards have shorter sizes, larger trucks, and softer wheels, making them one of the finest boards for transportation. They also have a kick tail which enables you to perform ollies and flip tricks that make you pop off the ground while riding.

Cruiser Skateboards
Cruiser board

There are two types of cruiser skateboards: standard and mini-cruiser skateboard. The standard cruiser skateboard is excellent for street skating and flat roads, while mini-cruisers work best for skating downhill and in parks. The mini-cruisers are perfect for children between 6-8 years, while the standard cruisers are suited for skaters nine years and above.

Double Kick Skateboard

Most skaters want to ride boards, making it easier to perform tricks, which is why many people end up using double-kick skateboards today. These boards feature a kick nose and a kick tail, meaning both the nose and tail are tilted upward. This allows you to pull off more technical tricks with your skateboard. 

Double Kick Skateboards
Double Kick

These boards have stronger wheels and thicker decks, allowing them to endure the forceful impact of your weight and your board when you land on the ground. They are suitable for skaters who attempt tricks like an ollie and are also perfect for cruising the street skateboard or long-distance skating.


These are the original skateboards. People made plastic skateboards long ago, so these are replicas of those boards. The penny skateboard has a flat nose and a tilted tail. This tail makes it easier for you to push down the board to lift it. 

Penny Skateboards

This board is popular amongst beginners because it is lightweight and easier to carry around. But they are unsafe for active skaters because they are shorter than other skateboards, which makes it difficult to place your feet on the board.


Nickel Skateboards

The nickel boards are an improved version of the penny boards. They are also a plastic board with a waffle texture on the deck. The only difference is that it is bigger than the penny boards. These boards are great for people who enjoy the feeling of a plastic board but hate the size of the penny boards.


The off-road skateboard is for you if you want a board with no restrictions. This board is big and comes with bigger wheels and a suspension system for a smoother ride. The board itself is not too rigid and offers you a lot of flexibility to help absorb the shocks. 

Off-Road Skateboard

Since these skateboards are made to deal with rocky surfaces, it has some bindings that will help keep your feet on the board. However, the downside of these boards is that you can’t land some regular tricks with them; you can only use them to ride through mud, grass, and trails.

Steep Kick Skateboards

Steep Kick Skateboards
Steep Kick

A steep kick skateboard is any board with a steeper tail. This means that the tail is higher than it is on other skateboards. The steeper tail enables you to make a strong pop. However, it needs more effort and energy to perform this trick because the tail is far from the ground. 

Street Skateboard

Street Skateboards
Street skateboard

When it comes to skateboards, these boards are ideal for many things. You can use them on the streets, at the park skateboard, in bowls, and in other places. They are easy to ride and slimmer than other boards. The main difference between street skateboarding and other boards is that they have the exact shape of a nose and tail, which are similar to a popsicle stick.

Things to Know Before Choose a Skateboard

Since there are several types of a skateboard, there are key things to consider when buying a board, including the following listed below.

  • Know your riding style: The fact that most people ride their skateboards in different manners is one of the reasons there are too many skateboards on the market. Therefore, you need to determine your riding style before purchasing a board. Shortboards, for instance, are ideal if you like doing tricks on the street or in a park skateboard, while longboards are great if you enjoy long-distance skating or street carving.
  • Shoe size: Wearing the right shoes offers more balance, protection, and comfort on the board. If you are an adult with large foot size, a standard skateboard with a 7.5-inch deck width would be perfect for you, while if you have a size of 6-8, you should go for a deck between 7.2-7.35 inches wide. However, if you have a smaller size like a 1-5, you should go for a deck that is 6.5-7 inches wide.
  • Use: This is another factor to consider because you must decide how often you intend to use a board and where you plan to ride it. For example, mini skateboards or lightweight boards are good options if you are traveling and you want to ride a skateboard at your destination. You can also get a longboard if you have enough space at your destination and you feel like cruising around the neighborhood.

Final Thought

There are many skateboards on the market. So, whether you are searching for one suitable for downhill skating or skating in the park skateboard, you’ll always find a board that suits your style. Always remember to choose from popular brands to avoid skateboards that are prone to early damage.


How Many Skateboard Brands Do We Have?

Skateboarding has transformed into a big industry. As a result, several companies manufacture skateboards today. Some popular brands are Element Skateboards, Krown Skateboards, SK8FACTORY, Skate One, Alien Workshop, WhiteFang, and Zero Skateboards.

What Is the Oldest Skateboard Brand?

Santa Cruz is the oldest skateboard brand. The company designed its first board in 1973, and they have maintained a solid reputation to this day. It also celebrated its 40th anniversary by opening a museum devoted to the brand’s history.

How Much Does a Good Skateboard Cost?

Skateboards are not expensive, although the cost will vary depending on personal preference and the skateboard’s components. For instance, a skateboard with a quality deck and other parts will cost more than a regular board. However, a standard skate would cost between $70 to $160.

What Is the Most Famous Type of Skateboard?

This is the popsicle skateboard due to the shape of the nose and tail, which enables skaters to pull off tricks anywhere.

What Makes a Skateboard Deck Expensive?

This is because most boards are made from expensive maple wood. Most companies use it due to its strength and durability, which are crucial for withstanding the severe impact of skateboarding.

What Is the Biggest Skateboard Company?

There are thousands of top skateboard companies, so it is difficult to narrow the best down to one brand. However, some of the old and well-known brands include:
– Powell Peralta: established in 1976, and they produce griptape, decks, wheels, and clothing
– Real Skateboards: launched in 1991, and they design decks
– Girl Skateboard: founded in 1993, and they are into decks and clothing
– Anti Hero Skateboard: founded in 1995 and produce decks
– Enjoi: Launched in the year 2000, and they are into decks and clothing


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