Whitefang Skateboard Review 2022: Is This A Good Choose?

There’s more to a skateboard purchase, even after deciding on the skateboard’s style, size, wheel, and truck type. You still need to think about the brand of skateboard to buy.

This is because several brands are available to fit your preferences and budget. Beginner skaters frequently have no option but to utilize a review guide to decide which brand to buy.

Consequently, if you’re searching for a new skateboard and are interested in the Whitefang brand, in that case, this article will interest you because it provides a thorough review of the Whitefang skateboards.

Unique Features

Most skateboards are typically wood and have the proper size trucks, wheels, and decks. Let’s examine what distinguishes white fang skateboard from other available brands, nonetheless.


  • 7 plies of maple wood
  • 5″ magnesium alloy trucks
  • 52mm, 95A high rebound polyurethane skateboard wheels
  • ABEC 9 bearings
  • Comes Assembled

Pros & Cons

Whitefang Skateboards Review
Editor’s rating score
  • Strong deck board that offers durability and balance
  • It comes as a complete skateboard without the need to assemble parts
  • Suitable for beginners and professional
  • It’s ideal for heavyweight skaters
  • Offers flexibility and maneuverability
  • The bearings are subpar in quality
  • The trucks are loose. However, they are adjustable

Reviews of Whitefang Skateboard Technical Particulars

It comes Assembled

While some skateboard brands require you to assemble the parts (wheels and trucks) when you purchase them, Whitefang differs because it comes assembled. This means that you can immediately ride it upon purchase. If you have some previous skating skills, you can go as far as riding it home from the purchase shop. This way, you can test-run the skateboard and discover if it needs any adjustments.

It comes Assembled

The advantage of this feature over other brands is that you don’t have to worry about how to fix the trucks to the deck or the wheels to the trucks. You also don’t get to spend unnecessarily trying to assemble the parts. Another plus is that you don’t have to worry about the wrong assembling of parts because the complete skateboard is built by the company.

The Deck

What is a skateboard without a durable deck? Whitefang understands the assignment; that’s why the skateboard deck is made from 7 layers of Canadian Maple wood. The deck measures 31.75 inch in length and 7.88 inch wide. This way, skaters with big feet can comfortably stand on the deck without tripping off.

The Deck Whitefang
The Deck Whitefang

The deck is durable and can withstand 330lb weight. This means that heavyweight skaters can comfortably ride this skateboard without fear of damage. However, because the deck is heavy, you might experience some difficulties trying out tricks unless you’re a professional.

Beginners would benefit from using a light skateboard of 250 pounds. This would enable them to flip the board when trying out stunts comfortably.

The Bearings

Based on users’ reviews, the Whitefang skateboard bearings are not precisely top-notch; however, considering the price you’re getting them for, they’re good. The Whitefang skateboards come with ABEC 9-rated bearings. 

The ABEC rating is used to indicate the bearings’ tolerance and quality. A quality bearing is essential to how well your skateboard wheels function, as it controls the movement of the wheels. However, it would be best if you also remembered that the ABEC ratings cannot tell you the bearings’ lifespan, i.e., the durability. Nevertheless, you can always change the bearings of your skateboard if you’re not pleased with it.


When purchasing skateboard wheels, you must ensure the wheel size complements the deck size. Also, you must check the hardness rating of the wheels and the rebound ability. Using these criteria, Whitefang wheels are great. It measures 52mm, the standard wheel size for most skateboards. 

Wheels Whitefang
pu wheels

Furthermore, it has a durometer rating of 95A. This implies that it’s moderately hard wheels. Not as hard as wheels rated 104A and not as soft as wheels rated 87A, it’s a perfect blend enabling its riders to skate comfortably on bumpy roads and still perform technical tricks due to its less grip on the ground.

You also have to consider the material used in making the wheels. Whitefang wheels are made from quality durable polyurethane components with good rebound properties. This means that when you bounce the wheels, they are quick to rebound due to their high quality. The faster the wheels snap back into shape indicates that the wheels are made from quality urethane.

The Trucks

Whitefang skateboard trucks are made with 5″ magnesium alloy, ensuring the trucks are durable. These trucks are also suited for beginner and pro skaters. However, some users of Whitefang skateboards have observed that the trucks are loose.

While loose trucks have advantages, most skaters prefer to ride a tightened truck. The loose trucks can, however, be adjusted using a skate tool. You can tighten the axle nut by rotating it in a clockwise direction. This would ensure the trucks are tightened to suit your preference.

trucks Whitefang
trucks Whitefang

If you don’t mind the cost, you can also decide to swap the trucks with a new set. Or you can replace the bushings with new ones. A loosened truck isn’t a big deal because it can easily be adjusted. So, if you’re interested in purchasing the Whitefang skateboard, this shouldn’t hinder your decision.

Finally, Whitefang skateboards are made with a wear-resistant finish to keep the style and design up for a long time. They also integrate a high-density slip-resistant Emery grip tape to ensure your complete control of the ride.


Is Whitefang Skateboards Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, the Whitefang skateboards are excellent for beginners. This is because the features of this skateboard are appropriate and intended for both beginner and advanced skaters. This includes a sturdy deck, commuter-friendly wheels for smooth and uneven surfaces, and easy movement from the ground.

Additionally, the feet have enough grip thanks to the double kick’s dissymmetric concave and bespoke emery sandpaper, making it easier to learn new tricks quickly.

Can I Do Tricks with Whitefang Skateboards?

Expert skaters can use Whitefang skateboards to refine their tricks, and beginner skaters to learn new tricks. This is so that riders of the skateboard may easily flip, rotate, and spin the board without exerting too much force. Additionally, because it gives its riders additional grip, they may practice new skating stunts with ease.


And that’s all for the Whitefang skateboard review. This detailed review discusses the features, pros, and cons of the Whitefang skateboards. Thus, if you’re interested in purchasing a new skateboard for yourself or your kid and unsure which brand to go for. In that case, these reviews should assist you in making the most informed purchase decision about Whitefang Skateboards.



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